Welcome to EziGo United States

Driver Requirements


All vehicles driving with “EziGo” in United States must meet the followings

  • Good driving history
  • Have working windows, adjustable seats and air conditioning
  • In excellent working condition with no cosmetic damage
  • Vehicle not older than 10 year’s
  • A 4-door car or passenger van
  • No more than 8-seats, including the driver’s seat
  • Able to pass a pink slip inspection
  • No rebuilt vehicles or ex- taxies
  • Registered and CTP-insured in New South Wales

Vehicle Requirements

Minimum Vehicle Requirements As An “EziGo” Driver in United States

Insurance Requirements

Minimum Requirements For Insurance As An “EziGo” Driver

  • Insured with a minimum of third party property damage, with the driver named as thr insured policy holder
  • Insured with a minimum of third party property damage, with the driver named as the insured policyholder
  • Good insurance records

Welcome to EziGo

Benefits Of Driving With “EziGo”

  • Ezigo go drivers earn more than their competition
  • Becoming a driver with “Ezigo” will create more earning opportunities and also create more local community development through charitable causes
  • Anytime, anywhere, able to find extra money
  • Unlimited earning opportunities

Passenger Safety And Service

  • We offer 24 hours online customer and driver support
  • Use international cloud server for high speed data transfer around the world
  • Customer’s personnel details will be saved in our international cloud server, so 100% data security guaranteed

Community Support Service

  • A large portion of all customer fares will be directly donated to local community developments and various charities

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