EziGo الأسئلة المتداولة

  • How to request an EZIGO ride?

    • After opening the EZIGO application you will see the boxes to set your current destination and final destination at the top of the display.

    • Set the destinations on the relevant boxes

    • After setting your destinations several ride options will be appeared at the bottom of the display.

    • You have to choose the ride option you need

    • The amount to be charged will be appear in the display
    • Confirm the ride to complete the request

  • How to rate an EZIGO driver?

    • EZIGO takes ratings very seriously as it ensures the experiences of both riders and drivers.

    • At the end of your trip, you’ll be able to rate your driver one star to five stars

    • You also can submit us more comments, how your really felt your EZIGO ride and about the issues you faced.

    • Your comments about the fair, and inconveniences in using the app will not be counted on the drivers and our EZIGO team highly appreciate such comments.

  • How to select an EZIGO ride option?

    • After setting your destinations the vehicle options will be displayed at the bottom the display with ride fare charges

    • You can swipe left and right to see more EZIGO ride options

    • Fare will be depended on the ride you choose. More charges will be charged for luxury rides.

    • Select the ride option suits your need and confirm your trip.

  • How to update phone number or email of your EZIGO account?

    • Got a new phone? Or changed your e mail account? Don’t create a new EZIGO account! Update your existing account with following details.

    • Update phone number

      1. Go to “Settings”
      2. Tap on “Phone number”
      3. Update your phone number 
      4. Verify phone number using the code
      5. Save updated details
    • Update email

      1. Go to “Settings”
      2. Tap on “e-mail”
      3. Update the email
      4. Confirm the email by the code
      5. Save updated details